About Me

The Middle East, right in between Eurasia and Africa, is where I was born. Hot weather and sand on the floor. No camels though. In a very small town I grew up, did everything a kid from late 90s did, play soccer, be annoying and spent the majority of days playing outside with my brother. I remember having a large home with a gate at the front and we even had a maid, who didn't really like me. My biggest memory was flying kites on the roof of our house, and eventually our grandpa tearing the kites because he thought we would fall off the roof. 

That was for the first couple of years of my life. Unfortunately, the peace and security, we were accustomed to, was deteriorating. The region, we lived in, became unsafe. So my dad decided to move to another country. Australia and Canada were the two choices, of where we could seek our refuge. The government of Canada contacted us first and the rest was history. I fondly remember riding in my first air plane which was on route to Canada, and the longest plane ride I've ever been on. 

We settle in a big city called Calgary. Seeing the skyscrapers from the aerial perspective was wonderful, especially since it was nighttime, so all the lights where shining. We were astonished by the amount of people in the airport itself since we came from a small rural town. 

We grabbed our luggage, and hopped in a cab. Our uncle, knowing our lack of English, sent his house address through email to my dad, so he could show the driver. There a was going to my new home, or so I thought. We ended up living with our cousins for a couple of years until we were stable enough to be on our own. 

English was very hard for me, at first. I used to have classmates laugh at me for not knowing how to speak it. I must of been 16, when I formed my first sentence. Over time, English replaced the language which we spoke back "home". 

Snow, another huge surprise. None of us ever experienced snow in our lives. We were quite astonished. I remember our first winter, it was only minus 5, but we were bundled up like it was negative 30.

In 2004, my younger brother was born in Peter Lougheed Hospital, the first and only member of our family, to be born here. He's quite fond of that accomplishment. 

In 2006, I received my Canadien Citizenship, as a child, and its only now, as a young adult, do I adore what it means. From the British, and the French, from the Anglophone and Francophone culture, from our wonderful Canadien Forces and our RoyaI Canadien Airforce to freedom, tolerance, and equality - Canada is the greatest country in the world, and thank you for welcoming us with open arms. 

After finishing high school, i worked in the culinary and moving industry for a handful of years. It really took me time to figure out what i wanted to do with my life. But I've figured it out.

Now i am enduring a career in the railway industry, as i have always had the love of trains. I will be attending Sait in 2020 to become a train conductor. So I graduated, unfortunately the Coronavirus penetrated Canada, so my goal of working for the railways has been postponed.


My Hobbies

When I'm not at work, I love watching the Calgary Flames and the Toronto Raptors. 

I love biking, especially beside the bowriver, one day hope to own a electric bike. Love going downhill, hate going up. 

I am a car enthusiast, i enjoy going to car shows and events, especially for classic cars.

I am a member of Alliance Francias, which is a group dedicated to the french language and culture. Love Quebec and learning french, as it is my goal to master it.


My Favorite Quotes

Well, I am trying to put Quebec in its place - and the place of Quebec is in Canada, nowhere else. - Pierre Trudeau 

 If you don't love yourself, nobody gon' love you.- 50 Cent

Don't vote out of fear, vote for what you believe in.- Maxime Bernier 

The future does not belong to globalists, it belongs to patriots. - Donald Trump

Make Canada Great Again - Myself